School Information:

Address: Doris A. Sanders Learning Center 1201 Enchanted Drive, Lakeland, FL 3380
Phone: 863-499-2980
Fax: 863-603-6326
Grade: K-5

Hours of Operation:

School Hours: 8:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.


OUR HISTORYImage of the sign at Doris Sanders

Doris A. Sanders Learning Center is an educational center serving students with varying Exceptionalities from 5 to 22 years of age, as part of the Polk County Public School system.

These classes focus on independent functioning/self-help, social/behavioral, and communication skills. Some students receive physical and occupational as well as speech/language therapy. Students are assessed yearly with various instruments. Some of these may include Brigance, Florida Alternate Assessment, and Careers for Me just to name a few. Our students are becoming involved in many new activities as a result of these assessments; activities in areas including: leisure and productivity in the home, community and school settings, social interaction, communication, personal care, health, safety routines, and mobility within familiar environments.


All students will experience success in attaining educational goals, exhibit universally acceptable social behavior, communicate effectively, participate in community experiences and become productive members of society.


To learn, achieve and believe in our potential.